ongoing and upcoming projects


ongoing and upcoming projects

Whole Picture

Héctor Falcón

06.21 - current

Héctor Falcón and Strata proudly present Whole Picture, a unique NFT art experience. Whole Picture is the continuation of Héctor's renowned work, Constructive Modular Extraction. This is a series of striking physical paintings where Héctor slashes through his own canvases to reveal the images that lie beneath. With new dynamics made possible by blockchain technologies, Strata and Héctor have taken the next step and created an interactive digital experience. With you, the audience, as co-creator.

1,200 one-of-one NFTs are minted, each containing 4 stacked canvases that are revealed over time. There are over 50 canvases, all hand-painted, designed, and punctured by Héctor Falcón. Some canvases appear frequently, some a few times, some only once. Which canvases will your artwork contain?

A key property of the physical Constructive Modular Extraction series is that artworks are interactive. Canvases can be configured and reconfigured to create infinitely dynamic arrangements.

In our digital artwork viewer, you can compose your canvases however you choose. You can even autonomously animate your canvases’ movement. Whether full-screen on a large monitor, or carried in your pocket, this bespoke piece of art is yours to enjoy.

Whole Picture artworks are still available for purchase! Upon purchase, you will receive a complete Whole Picture NFT with 4 randomly selected canvases. Which canvases will you receive?

Sugar Coated Lies

Elisa Insua

08.24 open

Elisa Insua and strata proudly present Sugar Coated Lies, premiering at the Kyoto Arts Center on August 24th, 2022. The exhibition will feature the three physical base sculptures – one for the Antila House, the Burj Kalifa, and the Trump Tower – designed from expired candy and cast in resin. Atop each base, the AR counterparts can be viewed with iPads provided for the exhibition.

Elisa Insua was born in Buenos Aires in 1990. In 2011 she completed her degree in Economics and Business at Torcuato Di Tella University.

At the age of sixteen, she started her practice as a self-taught artist, creating assemblages and sculptures with discarded materials. She gradually fused her artistic practice with concepts related to economics, overconsumption and human insatiability. In the following years, she studied sculpture with Miguel Harte and was part of group critiques with Fabiana Barreda, Diego Bianchi and Ernesto Ballesteros.

In 2014, she had her first solo show, "Stairway to Heaven" at Plataforma (Córdoba, Argentina), followed by "More is More" at Espacio Modos (Buenos Aires, 2016) and "Quid Pro Quo" at APPA (Madrid, 2018). In 2019 she had her largest show to date, "Virtual Vanitas" at Usina del Arte (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

She was part of various group shows in South America and Europe, including "Ludica" at MACSur (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Sur, Buenos Aires, 2018), "Memento Mons" at Beaux Arts Mons Museum (Mons, Belgium, 2019), "Slight Omission" at Cerquone Projects (Madrid, 2018) and "Proyecto Vergel" at María Casado HG (Buenos Aires, 2016).

After two years based in Madrid, in 2019 she returned to Buenos Aires, where she currently lives and works.


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